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We have the largest network of local and overseas investor buyers, as well as years of professional experience in the industry.


Our goal is to complete and deliver all projects on time, on budget and on targets, achieving highest profit margins possible.


No matter what your property investment plans are, we are ready and able to assist with your continued portfolio growth.

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LM Developers is your ultimate one-stop-shop for property investments, development strategies and wealth solutions. We provides a full range of services, including Site Selection, Development Acquisitions, Project Development, Project Management, Construction, Project Marketing, Off-The-Plan Property Sales Solutions, Property Management, JV Syndicates, Investments and Immigration services. Our goal is to complete and deliver all projects on time, on budget and on targets, while at the same time, achieving highest profit margins possible; as well as offering all investors with the best opportunity to purchase quality off-the-plan investment properties.

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LM Developers is one of Australia’s Leading Property Investment Development companies. The success of LM Developers is set upon uncompromising high standards.

We have the largest network of local and overseas investor buyers, as well as years of professional experience in the industry.

No matter what your property investment plans are, no matter where you are based, no matter how large or small your investment portfolio is, we are ready and able to assist with your continued portfolio growth.

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Our site selection and development acquisition team simplifies a process that can be a complicated and challenging minefield of roadblocks. Without experienced professionals managing the processes, the development and successful completion of projects can be delayed or even derailed. Acquiring a development site is one of the most important steps in property development. Do it right and it can bring enormous profits, do it wrong and you can see all your investment funds lost. Over the years LM Developers have developed step-by-step procedures that ensure long-term viability and profitability of every project selected and acquired.

The task of developing a site is a major undertaking which should be approached as a project that must be vigilantly planned and managed to achieve a successful and most profitable outcome. With extensive property development networks based locally and internationally, LM Developments provides superior service to all Property Investors & Buyers, which has earned it a reputation for quality, integrity and trust in the industry.

Our highly experienced project management team ensures the best discipline of planning, organizing, securing and managing all available resources to bring about the successful completion of each projects goals and objectives. Our team of professionals will go step-by-step throughout all the stages of Project initiation; Project planning and design; Project sales & marketing, Project execution and construction; Project monitoring and controlling; Project completion, and Project settlements.

We offer unrivalled expertise in construction of multi-unit developments. Our construction management team ensures swift commencement and completion of all building and assembling of infrastructure. Far from being a single activity, large scale construction projects is a feat of human multitasking. The entire job is managed by our highly skilled team of project managers, supervised by our construction managers, design engineers, construction engineers and project architects.

Our strategic approach to property development aims to optimise the prospect of capital growth and maximum returns for all investors and buyers through the sale of off-the-plan multi-unit development projects. LM Developers Property Project Sales & Marketing Division specializes in the marketing and sale of Property Developer’s stock specifically targeting buyers within the investment market. Many of the leading investor marketing and financial planning organizations, as well as legal firms, accounting firms and mortgage providers based Australia-wide and overseas, work closely with our marketing team on the saleability of our development projects.

All of our Project Sales & Marketing focuses on producing, constructing and selling off-the-plan properties to investor buyers across Australia and the world. Our dedicated sales team is supported by reputable and professional local and international marketing agencies that specialise in off-the-plan sales strategies that ensure both investor and buyer satisfaction. There are some major benefits when purchasing property off-the-plan. It’s possible of course that all of these reasons may not apply to your individual situation, but nonetheless these are some of the major advantages; Price, Tax benefits, Secure property at today’s price, Interest Earned on Deposits, Stamp duty savings, Savings, Greater choice.

Our team’s on-going management of your valuable property asset is critical to its overall investment performance. Property management is a specialised field of real estate, and we endeavour to perform this function professionally for all investors & buyers. Upon construction completion, our property management team ensure quick and speedy rental of all stock, thus securing that rental income is forthcoming immediately upon settlements finalising. This service provides assurance that when you purchase stock from LM Developers, your property will be managed by a 24-hour on-site property manager, taking care of all your needs and ensuring the highest rental is always achieved for your investment property.

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